About Wotson ®

Wotson® is a private company that helps to promote what is on local + what is on internationally = 'Wotson'.

We are passionate about our name and have a registered trademark plus we are recognised globally as Wotson through our 'wotson' registered family of domain names.

We coined the phrase 'Wotson World Wide' to emphasise our international audience and reflect on the way the 'world wide web' has changed through the development of social media.

We are launching various wotson web sites in the near future focussing on specific areas so keep an eye out for the news on our parent company website www.wotson.com.

Wotson utilises social media to help promote your event further to a wider audience using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest amongst others.

To utilise this service go to your event listing and choose the relevant social media icon after you have added your event to share it with your social media visitors.

We use Google Analytics to monitor activity via our website and, inline with all websites today, we use cookies to ensure you can view our website properly.

We do not share your data with any third parties.

Wotson® is part of Wotson Group Limited registered in the United Kingdom and recognised world wide.

Trademarks and content are copyright of Wotson.

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